Software Licensing in Higher Education: One-size never fits all

color wheel showing a lot of choices.
So many choices to make

Who gets it, and who doesn’t?

Gone are the days where IT would maintain a central set of floppies, or CD/DVD Media, with a text file containing the license key that no one would ever share on the early internet….yeah…that would never happen, ever.

I’m sure every vendor would love to look at login numbers and say how great they are at achieving broad use, but if the school can’t afford to give access to everyone….this benefit of “everyone can use it” quickly falls apart.

On-Demand, SaaS, virtual, local, oh my!

if you can reach the virtual desktop, then does it matter how many people are running the app at the same time?

Computer lab showing physical machines in a row
Licensing based on old physical access models don’t work anymore.

Historically the number of people using a piece of software was limited to the number of physical devices a person could be seated in front of….but now it’s infinitely more complex as remote-access dominates the tech-landscape.

License only for Staff….Easy!

shoes with arrows, depicting choice of direction
Choose your direction

Choose your own adventure: IPEDS, Knowledge-Workers, Head-Count

We’ll just get our IPEDS numbers for Full-time Equivalent Students or Full-Time Equivalent Employees and use that. AWESOME!

Named-user licenses you say?

Boom and bust .. accounts come and go

This means at certain times of the year, the headcount is significantly higher as populations shrink and grow.

3 People talking and laughing at others, like…. who thinks licensing higher education is easy
People talking and laughing at others who think licensing higher education is easy

Talk to the community first



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